__We love words in poetry, quotes, writings, novels, blogs, etc... 

              Simply in words, this is who we are.

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  • Adult Human Beings. Not genders, races, religions, colors or creeds


  • Inclusive. We welcome you if you come to us

  • with an open heart and mind


  • Artistic We revel and thrive in the art of the human form and its variations


  • Creative. We enjoy finding new and innovative ways to enjoy our kinks and pleasures.


  • Plugged in. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...


  • Unique. often imitated, but never duplicated


  • Passionate.  We love our kinks, we live for them   


  • Fun. We believe in a great time, for as long as possible. Too much of a good thing is never enough


  • Perverted. Kink is life, life is kink. Don't hide it, Flaunt it, Deal with it


  • All about SSC... Safe, Sane, Consensual


  • Non-Binary. We identify with ANY gender.. or a mixture of genders.


  • Independent. We don't follow trends, we create them


  • Trail Blazers.

  • We want to bring kink to the masses


  • Fearless. We don't hide behind closed doors.

  • We live out loud  


  • Generous. We want to share our kink with the world


  • International We are well-traveled and have seen kink from all over the world, there is still so much of it to see and kinks we have not tried


  • Philosophical I kink therefore I am...


  • Curious. Got a new kink? Tell us about it   


  • Historical. We've been involved in the kink community for 25+ years


  • PlayfuL... Nothing is better than an afternoon enjoying your kink   


  • Open-minded. Got a better way? Tell us how we might improve