1) The event is intended for adults only.
2) Entry is only for persons adhering to the principles of dress code, specified by the organizers.
3) During the event, photographing, filming or sound recording are strictly forbidden. 

    To ensure the anonymity of our guests will not be violated, the organizers will provide a designated photographer.
4) The use of mobile phones during the event is prohibited (except in areas designated for this purpose).
5) Please respect the privacy of other participants and make sure that you use the equipment provided responsibly and safely.
6) Before taking any interaction with another participant, make sure you asked for permission first.
7) The event is not a "sex party" and does not allow for strictly sexual behavior.
8) Distribution of leaflets, posters, and other promotional materials without the consent of the organizers is not permitted.
9) All disputes not covered by these rules are evaluated and resolved by the organizers.


This is a special night and we want you to contribute to its uniqueness. 

For many people, our events are the only space where they can "be themselves" and change into their favorite outfits that they can't wear every day.
That's why a strict dress code applies to Kinky Party.
We ask you to adapt to our requirements.
The dress code includes:

  • Leather clothes

  • Latex

  • PlasticPpet play

  • pony play

  • cyber

  • pin-up

  • lolita

  • drag queen

  • crossdressing

  • uniforms and uniforms

  • burlesque

  • goth in fetish styling

  • unique and sexy lingerie

  • nudity

  • costumes from a sex shop

For people who do not have the right dress or do not like to dress up, we accept evening dresses with BDSM elements such as suits, ball gowns, and evening dresses.
Before entering the club, each guest will be verified in terms of matching clothes. This will eliminate the random people who could disrupt the event.
Only people dressed according to the dress code will be admitted.
If you are not sure if your outfit meets the requirements, please contact us!
We will gladly answer all your bothering questions and help you choose the right style and clothing.

All outfits should be thought out and complete. A leather jacket or suit jacket is not enough.

Gentlemen should remember to put on appropriate shoes and elegant shirts, as well as accessories such as a tie or bow tie that complement the evening dress. 

In the case of military costumes, we will pay special attention to their completion. It must be a full uniform of the specific formation, not randomly selected militias and heavy boots. Persons choosing uniforms are asked to accurately reproduce the selected motif. 

Ladies are asked to characterize properly. Hairstyles, make-up, and accessories are important details of disguises for pin-up, lolita and burlesque outfits. 

Remember that as time goes by, the location's temperature will increase not only metaphorically.

 Choose clothes so that after removing the top layer your clothes still meet our rules.

 Extras are always welcome, but make sure that when you put them away you can recognize whom you dressed up as.